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Sandro Wolfram

"An investment in knowledge still yields the best interest." Benjamin Franklin

After his physiotherapy state examination, which Sandro Wolfram completed with "very good" in all areas, he practiced in a Bavarian practice. After this time, the Weidener established himself in the field of teaching. In the meantime, Wolfram dedicates himself to the Medplattform as shareholder and managing director in a focused and goal-oriented manner. Wolfram also holds continuing education courses and lectures for medical professionals at various academies throughout Germany. One of the ways he keeps in touch with patients is by providing physiotherapeutic care for the German national team U23 canoeists in slalom.

"Only those who constantly optimize their own skills and views can ensure elite knowledge transfer. The tireless will for progression drives me every day." - says Sandro Wolfram.

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Robin Bauer

"It's not enough to know, you have to apply it. It is not enough to want, one must also do."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Even during his apprenticeship, Robin Bauer became enthusiastic about the physiotherapeutic care of professional athletes. Already in the first year of his apprenticeship, he took over a wrestling team from the national league, among others, and was thus able to gain a lot of experience. In the second year of his apprenticeship, in addition to his training, he began a correspondence course in Hamburg, with which he aimed for the internationally recognized academization in the field of physiotherapy. After the apprenticeship, which he completed with "very good", new challenges came his way, such as coaching the U23 national canoeing team in slalom. Professional soccer players or professional athletes are now also part of his client base, in addition to the "everyday" patients. In addition to his practical work, Robin has been responsible as a teacher for medical vocational students, such as physiotherapists or occupational therapists, since the beginning of 2017. He also trains already certified physiotherapists with his advanced training courses throughout Germany. In the future, he wants to expand his expertise even more broadly and pass it on again to other therapists. 

"With a lot of diligence, motivation and will, you can get a lot out of the seemingly "simple" profession of physiotherapist. I have a very varied job that fulfills me completely! The mixture of theory and practice has become my vocation!", says Robin Bauer.

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Alexander Strehl

"He who does not go with the times, goes with the times." Friedrich Schiller 

From an early age, Alexander was enthusiastic about computers and technology. After graduation, he decided to do an apprenticeship as an electronics technician for industrial engineering at an automation technology company. His enthusiasm for programming and process automation led to a master's degree in electrical engineering. With his affinity for technology, he is always at the side of the team of lecturers, forming the interface between teaching and digitization.

"Digitizing processes, especially teaching content, is particularly close to my heart. The Internet is the modern library and the largest store of knowledge of mankind! This must be preserved and constantly expanded," says Alexander Strehl.

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Yannic Kinder

"Those who think analog will never understand the benefits of digitization." - Marc Ruoß

Yannic Kinder has known Medplattform since day one and helped to steadily grow the project during his training as a physiotherapist. After his successful graduation from the Johannesbad Medfachschule, Kinder went into practice for a year to gain experience. Now he is back at his old place of work and takes care of the key account management within Medplattform. He also began his studies in the field of business administration.

"The last few years have shown that the topic of digitalization is inevitable. In direct comparison to other countries, we still have a lot of room to grow, especially in the area of digital education and therapy. That's why it's my ambition to take as many people as possible on our common digital journey with Medplattform!", says Yannic Kinder


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